The naughty fairy captured by a swamp troll: part 3/3

This story contains spanking and graphic unrealistic sexual descriptions between creatures. I am the original author posted elsewhere 3/8/08. Do not read if you are offended by a funny sex and spanking story.

You should go here to read the first part of the story otherwise you’ll be missing out on 1/3rd of the story. 1+1+1=3 See! Even swamp trolls can count that high!

Gee Bark, way to show off your mathematical prowess…OWWWW! You should also go here to read the second part of the story because what naughty Heather was going to say was that mouth+pussy+ass=3 fairy holes for a swamp troll to fuck. OWWWWW! I don’t think they heard you Heather. OOOOWWWWW!

Bark Gnawer was by no means finished, but then, neither was Heather. He lifted her around her waist so that she dangled over his arm and resumed spanking her very hard while she squealed and twisted. When she steadied herself by grabbing his softened cock he carefully laid her flat on the floor. She rolled to her knees and started kissing the troll’s thighs. She moved from one to the other and then took his stirring cock back in her mouth. Not satisfied, she moved on to his balls and after that, asked him to turn around and bend over. Remembering the taste of herself, she kissed and licked his buttocks and then spreading his cheeks open, stared avidly at his anus area. She ran her tongue up and down his crack, getting ever closer to her target and when she lapped at the edge, he groaned with delight. Emboldened, she tried again, this time in the center and giggled as his muscle winked at her. The taste was clean but musky and the tang bit her taste buds, drawing her to use her entire mouth to suck and lick. Reaching underneath, she clasped his cock in one hand and stroked up and down in rhythm to her tongue slithering into his sphincter. It was too much for Bark and his knees buckled and he fell forward.

Heather sat back and waited until he recovered. For a swamp troll, he seemed to have less energy than he should and she wondered if the blue haze over her skin had something to with that fact. It was clear Bark couldn’t see the color and nothing she’d ever learned at fairy school explained exactly what the color would do to a troll. She could also guess what her Master would want next, but hearing the dire warnings in her head, it was not something she would speak out loud. “Would you like some refreshments sir?”

“No, I want you. I need you. What are doing to me?”

“Nothing sir, nothing at all.”

“I don’t believe you,” Bark rumbled in his chest and got to his feet. He seized her hair and dragged her unresisting body over to a stool. Bending her over face down, he quickly secured her wrists and ankles to the wooden legs. Thus displayed, she truly was at his mercy. “Don’t go anywhere naughty fairy, I’ll be right back.” A mocking laugh trailed off until there was only silence.

Heather waited, in this position, her wings now fluttered freely. Soft and pliable, they were not enough to get her airborne; that was accomplished by fairy dust. She was resigned to the fact that very soon, too soon, Bark Gnawer the swamp troll would have an intimate encounter with the power of fairy dust. She could only hope she’d survive at least.

She heard him return and stand next her. His steady breathing did not calm her, but she was determined not to beg, no matter how much he beat her. He was correct that she was doing something to him, but no amount of torture would ever make a fairy reveal the ultimate secret. There was a soft sigh and then a band of fire laced her bottom. A loud snap echoed in the room as the leather strap left its mark: again the soft sigh and another band just below the first. With regular timing the swamp troll swung the heavy leather strap at his bound captive’s reddening bottom until he reached her upper thighs. “Do you have anything to say naughty fairy?”

The silence was unexpected, so he began again, only this time, a little harder and a little faster. By the time he had painted Heather’s bottom a second time with a deep pink coat, she was in a good deal of pain. But not enough to speak so Bark commenced his thrashing yet again. The snap and crack of the cruel strap burned her quivering cheeks and stamped his mark into her soul. She felt herself start to float and her traitorous pussy start to melt. Bark noticed that as well as stopped whipping her when her bottom from the top to midway down her thighs was deep, brick red and flaming hot.

Heather groaned as his hands slapped down hard on her cheeks and squeezed tight, digging his nails into the scalded flesh. She groaned even louder as he thrust his cock, even more enormous than ever, all the way in until his stomach meet her bottom with a thud. All the way out and all the way in: hard and violent thrusts rocked helpless Heather and all she could do is whimper. Not with pain, not anymore, only with lust as she was punished by her valentine. She deserved this treatment for flying away from fairyland and entering the Screaming Swamp. She was in truth naughty Heather and had earned every spank, every stroke, every discipline Bark meted out.

She opened her mouth and screamed and screamed. “More! More! Hurt me more! Punish me, punish your naughty Heather!” He did indeed punish her some more, pausing in his fucking frenzy to spank her with his hands and then the strap. Stoking her passion by lashing her tail, he resumed his fucking of her pussy and then had a thought. To truly punish her, she had yet one hole left to plunder. He dug his fingers in her crease and pulled her wide open. Pale skin shone where the strap had not kissed and in the middle was a pink dot where his fingers had played before. His cock was wet enough, so he pulled out of her pussy and placed the head on her anus. He felt Heather tense and asked one more time. “Do you have anything to say?”

Heather dangled there, over the stool, her pussy wet and sore, her bottom red and swollen, her Master’s cock poised to breach the forbidden entrance and still she said nothing. Unseen and unheard by Bark, tears finally flowed from her eyes as she whispered softly good-bye to her fairy life.

The swamp troll pushed forward, but despite the earlier stretching, he had difficulty puncturing the opening. He moistened her with some saliva and tried again; this time his plum size head popped inside the ring and Heather felt a jolt. She opened her mouth, whether to scream or to yield she would never know, for Bark chose that moment to push steadily inward until he could go no further but with four inches of his cock still left outside her ass. Heather reacted by exhaling in a steady hiss as she felt his large cock push her rectal walls outward. Bark waited and waited as frantic pulses ran up and down those walls. She could feel the jolts now coming closer and closer together, but she was resigned to her fate. Now he moved, pulling out in the same slow and steady motion until the head was lodged tight within her ring. Back in, a little faster and a little deeper, and then out. Back in and this time all the way to her colon as he sunk all twelve inches into her ass until his balls slapped up against her flowing pussy. He groaned, she groaned, the heat on her bottom matched the heat in her bottom. One minute, five minutes, ten minutes Bark thrust into Heather and when she heard him groan and speed up his pounding to match his earlier fucking, she knew the end was near. Once more she heard the voice of the fairy elders in her mind.

‘Never reveal the secret of fairy flight. If you allow a male penis to plunge into your back passage, the back passage where you excrete the fairy dust that gives you flight; if you allow this, then the male will be trapped and will not withdraw until he shoots his seed deep into your bowels. No matter how long it takes, until he comes he will not stop thrusting into you and when he does finally come, that seed will meet your fairy dust and the combined reaction will cause an explosion. An explosion that will kill you both and safeguard the secret of fairy flight.’

Heather felt Bark’s seed spatter the interior walls of her rectum, then nothing at all.

“Heather! Heather! Wake up!”

She felt a hand shaking her and she growled with annoyance.

“Wake up! Please!”

“Go away, I’m dead, so you can’t bother me.”

“You are not dead Heather please open your eyes.”

She reluctantly opened her eyes. She was lying on her side in the same room. The steaming waters of the pool still burbled but the walls were coated with black soot: the stool which over she had been bent and punished was so much kindling. She looked down at her body, but it was unmarred. Looking up she saw a familiar face peering down at her. “Tanner? Is that you!”

“Yes Heather it is I.”

“But they told me you had died!”

“I did.”

“Where’s Bark Gnawer?”

Tanner reached out and lifted Heather to her feet. “I am Bark, or rather, my soul was trapped in the body of a swamp troll.”

“How could that happen?”

“How do you think it happened Heather?”

“You mean… no, they couldn’t have!”

“Yes Heather Passiontail. When the fairy elders discovered that you and I had fallen in love, they cursed me by casting my soul into a dumb swamp troll. They put a spell on the troll to kill and eat any fairy he caught.”

“Then why didn’t Bark do that to me?”

“Because the spell had weakened enough for me to persuade him otherwise.”

“Then why are we still alive after he spent his seed in my bottom?”

“Part of the curse Heather was that unless the swamp troll punished my true love by coming in her bottom and igniting the fairy dust, I would never be free.”

“Oh Tanner! I can’t believe we’re together. I’m so happy.”

“I am as well Heather. There is one minor detail that I neglected to mention.”

“What is that my love?”

“A certain naughty fairy it seems, was behaving most wantonly with a swamp troll of all things. What am I to do about that?”

“Punish her hard of course, my love, my Master.”

The End and they lived spankily ever after.

Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie: Episode #8

Pity poor Stephanie 25-years old and still spanked daily. She was intelligent, a college graduate with honors, articulate, a fasionista with a good job and an all around delightful person with never a cross word and always a genuine smile for everyone. It was to her misfortune that she also exuded an innocent sensual charm leading men and women both to have one uppermost thought in their minds: spanking Stephanie’s spectacular and epic rounded bottom. It was not her fault, genetics had blessed her with both the ideal rear end plus a delightful bewildered submissiveness. It simply never occurred to her to challenge her discipline, if someone needed to spank her well obviously she was guilty of some offense and thus deserved to be spanked.

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“When Antonio and I went to Vegas we ate once at the Heart Attack Grill. Pretty lame, there’s nothing worse than a room full of vanillas pretending to be kinky.”

Stephanie was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“It was really silly, if you didn’t finish your meal you got paddled by a ‘nurse’.”

Mr. Garcia chimed in, “I’ve heard the Tofu Attack Grill here is similar, but with a samurai theme instead.”

“So if it was silly why are we going to eat here?” Stephanie asked.

They all stopped walking across the parking lot and looked at each other.

“That’s a very good question,” Mr. Johnson said. “Why are we going here?”

“Do you have another idea?” pouted Mrs. Garcia at being thwarted in her plan to be spanked.

Stephanie thought a bit then pulled out her phone. “Hi, it’s Stephanie. Is it too late to join you for lunch? Thank you. We’ll be there in thirty minutes. No, there will be four of us. OK, see you soon.” Answering the questions in their eyes, she said, “That was my boss, she’s hosting a brunch for some of our vendors at Lupine Luna. She invited me Friday but I declined because I was going shopping. She said she’d love to meet all of you.”

She turned and started walking back to Mr. Johnson’s car. “By the way, it’s a tax write off so don’t worry about paying.”

Lupine Luna was a very expensive French restaurant and they were all extremely under dressed. The maître d’ stoically, having been compensated by Ms. Amandoire, led them past scores of sniffing diners to a private room in the back.

“Stephanie! You made it,” effusively air-kissing both cheeks. “Who are your friends?”

“This is Mr. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Garcia. Everyone, this is my boss Ms. Amandoire.”

There were ten others present, six women and four men and Ms. Amandoire swiftly ran through the introductions before leading the newcomers to the buffet tables. After choosing a selection of appetizers she pointed out the four empty place settings staggered around the table. She placed Stephanie at the end of the table between herself and a tall, slender man who rose as they approached with laden plates.

“Ross Jeffries,” he said and slid the chair under Stephanie’s bottom. Noticing her wince and hiss as she sat down he murmured quietly, “Has someone been a naughty girl?”

She’d recognized him instantly upon entering the room and, glancing quickly at her boss who was chatting with Mr. Johnson, now blushed profusely at his teasing question. Staring down at her plate, suddenly not hungry, she softly answered, “No sir. I’ve been a good girl today.”

Ross leaned closer and snapped her linen napkin open then placed it carefully across her lap brushing her thigh as he did. “Then why the sore bottom?”

She breathed in sharply at his touch and nervously glanced over only to be caught by his twinkling blue eyes and gentle smile. She blurted out, “You’re much better looking in person sir.” Stupid! Stupid! she ranted internally thoroughly intimidated by his globe trotting reputation. “It’s the anal plug sir, plus a cutting board at Everyday Goods an hour ago.” Stephanie wanted to slide under the table. I can’t believe I said that out loud! I’m an idiot! Shoot me now please.

He touched her left shoulder lightly. “No one else heard Stephanie. Your secret is safe with me.”

She snorted, “You and my friends sir. Not exactly a secret.”

“Ah,” Ross said casting his gaze over the three who’d arrived with Stephanie. Noticing Mr. Johnson paying close attention he raised his glass in a toast. “Stephanie,” as she drowned in his eyes, “my name is Ross.” After a long pause while he stroked her upper wrist, “I’m only Sir in the bedroom.”

She thought she was going to melt… or explode… or pull a Meg Ryan. Instead, she did a Stephanie and knocked over the water glass followed by tipping her full plate onto the floor via Ross’s slacks. She jumped up apologizing trying futilely to wipe the food clean only succeeding in smearing it deeper into the wool. Mortified, she sank back into her seat while the staff cleared up and Ross headed off to the men’s room with Mr. Johnson.

“I apologize for Stephanie’s antics,” Mr. Johnson said. “We’ve been trying for over a year to provide her with some discipline but she’s so clumsy.”

Ross raised an eyebrow in the mirror. “We?”

“Myself and Juanita, we’re her neighbors, although I understand that Ms. Amandoire disciplines her office staff as well.”

“I see.” Ross finished removing the food with a damp towel. “In that case, I propose we return before the women take matters into their own hands.”

Opening the door they discovered Stephanie pacing back and forth observed by a glowering Mrs. Garcia who said, “Before I use the hairbrush to deal with this naughty girl Mr. Jeffries, she has something to say.”

In a wobbly voice Stephanie said, “I’m sorry I dumped my food all over you sir. I deserve a hard spanking for my clumsiness.”

Ross nodded his head and replied, “I will accept your apology under one condition.”


“Since I am the wounded party, I will be the one to spank you. After we finish eating.” He plucked the hairbrush from Mrs. Garcia’s hand and gallantly escorted Stephanie back to the table.

She eventually relaxed as Ross drew her out by asking about her job and other interests. Before too long she and Ross were chatting animatedly like long lost friends her discomfort forgotten. They completely ignored everyone else and eventually their hands met under the table promises given and accepted. Ross mouthed silently to Ms. Amandoire, ‘Thank you. I owe you one.’

Gradually, after dessert, the guests started departing. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia made their farewells along with everyone else until only Ms. Amandoire, Mr. Johnson, Ross and Stephanie were left.

Ross retrieved the hairbrush from his inner jacket pocket and tapped it lightly in his palm. “Before I put you over my knee Stephanie, I have a question for you. Will you be my date for the Fashion Ball sponsored by Rolex and Kleenex next Friday night?”

Stephanie put her hands over her mouth in shock. “Really?” she squealed loudly. “YES!” throwing herself around him with excitement. “I’d love to be your date.”

Ross jerked his head and then they were left alone. “Stephanie,” he said sternly while sitting down.

“Yes Ross.”

“I’m going to spank you now.”

“Yes sir!” She deftly unbuttoned her jeans and yanked them down quickly taking her panties as well. Before Ross could even react she was across his lap: the waggling marked red buttocks glistening with oil and the blue jewel sparkling between her cheeks.

Thirty hard spanks later Stephanie was upright; pants still around her ankles, Ross’s large hands on her pulsating bottom toying with the plug and his probing tongue in her mouth.

“May I take you home Stephanie?” he asked coming up for air.

“Only if you help me put this tool away,” she said sliding a hand to his groin and squeezing.

“Very naughty girl. You need another spanking.”

“Yes sir. I always do.”


To be continued next Wicked Wednesday in Episode #9

Authors note: Starting with Episode #5 and going forward, Stephanie has decided as the character being spanked that she will write each episode herself based on what she would like to have happen.

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Up up and away spanking

Monthly prompt for Friday Flash #7 ‘Wonder Wheel’ based on this picture for writing flash fiction.

“Let me rub your tummy.”

“It hurts!”

“Didn’t Daddy tell you not to eat that corn dog?”

“But it looked so good!”

“I’m sure it did, but after the cotton candy and fried dough and tempura veggies you know my little girl gets a rumbly tumbly.”

Caroline pouted and stomped her foot. “I wanted to ride the Wonder Wheel!”

Jim sighed at his thirty-five year old wife’s childish antics. Every time they went to the fair Caroline reverted to a petulant brat stuffing her face and then whining the rest of the night. Luckily for him, not so much for her, their DD/lg marriage was tailor made for situations like this.

If, strolling the Midway with your main squeeze during that sultry summer night, you cast your gaze up, up and away, you might have caught a glimpse of a distraught crying face in the window of the uppermost car. And maybe, over the raucous organ music and excited shrieking, you might have heard a rhythmic slapping of a hard hand on a bare bottom and abject sobbing as Daddy taught Little Caroline a valuable dietary lesson one spank at a time.



The naughty fairy captured by a swamp troll: part 2/3

This story contains spanking and graphic unrealistic sexual descriptions between creatures. I am the original author posted elsewhere 3/8/08. Do not read if you are offended by a funny sex and spanking story.

You should go here to read the first part of the story otherwise you’ll be missing out on 1/3rd of the story. 1+1+1=3 See! Even swamp trolls can count that high!

When Heather Passiontail awoke it was dark. She opened her eyes, but it remained dark and she sat up in fright. A frantic scan around her and she slowly could see that her surroundings were in fact, a cave. Behind her, there was the smoldering remains of a fire and stretched out on the far side was a large, still form, presumably Bark Gnawer. For herself, she was aware that she was covered by a warm blanket, woven of an unfamiliar plant fiber. She was also completely naked and when she ran her hands over her body, a faint blue glow surrounded her skin. Her involuntary gasp as she held her shimmering hands to her face roused the sleeping troll.

“You’re awake, that’s good. I was worried.”

“Yes I’m awake sir, what day is this?”

“It is two sunrises and two moonsets since you last had your eyes open.”

“Two days!” Heather lay back down and stared up into the darkness. “That explains it then,” she whispered quietly.

“Explains what?”

“Nothing sir. Why I’m so hungry sir. Do you have any food suitable for a fairy?”

There was a rumble from the direction of the dim fire and Heather could see Bark get to his feet and move in her direction. She shrank back in her blanket as the swamp troll loomed over her. Bending down, he reached under her and with surprising gentleness, scooped her up, blanket and all and trundled with measured strides deeper into the pitch-black cave.

Heather lost track of how many steps Bark had taken when at last a pale light shone in the distance. Getting closer and brighter, she squinted painfully when the full force of the glow struck her eyes. When she could see, a sense of wonder nearly overcame her when the chamber was revealed fully. “What is this place?”

“My secret place, the place that no one has been but me, until now.”

“It’s beautiful Bark Gnawer. Did you do all this?”

“Some was here already, but I did most of what you see.”

He carefully set Heather down on a padded bench set against the far wall. As he walked away towards some shelving nearby, Heather blushed when she saw he was naked as well. His muscular legs and his firm, taut buttocks drew her mesmerized gaze. Her imagination looked and wondered what it would be like to run her lips and tongue over those cheeks and between, deep between. Her blood stirred once more and to her dismay, the blue haze pulsed brighter with every heartbeat. Despite her fear though, her hands crept under the blanket and between her thighs, deep between. A low moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes as the feelings washed over her.

She felt his hand cup the back of her neck and a container pressed to her mouth. She opened slightly and cool liquid poured in. As she swallowed, Bark carefully fed her the entire contents, all the while, Heather’s fingers kept probing her pussy. As the last of the fluid went down her throat, she came again and shuddered in waves of passion. Bark lifted first one hand and then the other, licking all her secretions from her sticky fingers until they were clean. Heather finally opened her eyes and asked, “What’s happening to me?”

Bark said nothing, but sat down beside her on the bench and set a plate of food upon her lap. Bit by bit, he fed her the entire contents of fruit and bread all washed down with more drink, this time a hot infusion of herbal tea. Still hungry, she ate a second plate of food before finally feeling satiated. “I need to relieve myself.”

Bark pointed to a curtain hanging next to the shelving and told her everything she’d need was inside. When she went to rise from the bench, the blanket was snagged under the troll. With a simple look up at her, she understood and cast off her covering. Nude, her skin flushed under his intense scrutiny. Her body ached and yearned, knowing full well that it would feel the power of his cock before long.

When she returned from her cleansing, Bark had cleaned up and motioned her to follow him through yet another curtained entrance. A short passageway through the rock led to a chamber filled with warm steam. In the center was a natural mineral spring that bubbled and frothed in a medium size pool. Around the circumference were steps carved in the edges and on the floor were stacks of towels and bottles of colored fluid. Heather needed no encouragement and dipped her toes in the roiling waters. A contented sigh and she eased down until she was covered up to her neck. The swamp troll entered across from her and for a long time, there was no sound at all, save for the popping of fragrant bubbles.

Heather was only dimly aware of the passage of time and could not be sure of how long they’d been in the bath. A volume of water sloshed around and then she felt him sit next to her. Bark wrapped an arm around her shoulders and sat her upright. Telling her to bend her head forward, Heather felt a stream of water pour over her hair again and again. Then a thick liquid dripped onto her scalp and Bark’s strong fingers massaged it deep into her tresses. Heather purred with delight as he worked and relaxed her stiff neck. More water to rinse and then Bark proceeded to methodically and thoroughly clean every inch of her body. After finishing with her hair, he moved on to her face, then her neck and her shoulders. Dipping below the surface his firm hands gripped her breasts and moved in circles round and round until he captured her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. With a painful tug that sparked her deep inside, he pulled her throbbing breasts out of the water, forcing her back to arch and bringing her taut nipples to his mouth. He teased and suckled as her hands gripped the sides of the stone bath. Her legs fell open as he moved his body closer and she felt his cock poking her belly.

“Not yet,” he murmured and released her sore nipples. He ordered her to stand and she could, barely, and only by leaning against the side. He lathered up his hands and continued washing her front, her torso, her flanks, down her thighs and lifting each leg in turn, all the way to her little pinkie toe. Everywhere except her pulsating pussy. When she begged, he said, “Not yet,” and ordered her to turn around. He then washed her back and told her to rinse off. Moving to the other end of the bath, he told her to stand on a higher step that put her waist just above the lip. Placing a stack of towels on the deck, he put his hand on the small of her back and urged her forward. When she did, her bottom rose clear of the water and his hands moved to her knees and nudged them apart. Heather trembled as she laid her head down sideways and waited for her Master to take her. Instead, soapy fingers caressed her buttocks, healed from her two-day slumber and she thrust back in small motions. Around and around his hands swirled and dipped lower and lower. Poised at the entrance to her pussy, she cried out when two slick fingers slid easily inside. In and out in a parody of sex, he cleaned her inside and out and then placed two fingers of his other hand on her anus.

She tensed, once more hearing the warnings in her mind, but it was too late, much too late. If it happened, then so be it and damn the consequences. Bark slid his fingers again into her rectum and as before, she convulsed with pleasure. Moving into her bottom and her pussy at the same time soon brought her to the brink of orgasm, but once again, he whispered, “Not yet,” and withdrew his fingers. He brought them around to mouth and she dutifully licked them clean, both from her pussy and then from her ass. The taste of her ass was like nothing she’d ever had before and her arousal ratcheted even higher.

“Naughty fairy!” Bark said spanking her as she remained bent over suckling his fingers and raising her wet bottom high begging for more fondling. Instead, she got harder spanks, her cheeks quickly turning pink under his calloused hand while he scolded her for enjoying the pain.

“Please take me Bark!”

“Not yet, your turn to take care of me.”

He slid away and after a moment, she followed, stalking him until she trapped his large body in the corner. She was only half his size, but when she pressed up against him, he went quiescent and let her work her will. She washed his hair as well and his body, but when she approached his middle, he stopped her from grabbing his cock. “Please sir, please let me clean you.”

Bark kept her away, and motioned to his legs. With a frustrated squeal, Heather pounced on his legs and rubbed as rough as she could. At last he was satisfied and leaned back with a dark smile creasing his face. “It is time, naughty fairy,” pointing to his erection, dimly seen beneath the surface. “Suck me, suck me now.”

With a desperate sob, Heather took a deep breath and plunged underwater searching for the object of her lust. Her hands grasped and brought it to her lips. Suck she did and repeatedly came up for air, before once more slavering over the large troll cock. She felt Bark’s hands in her wet hair and then he forced his cock once more down her throat. Still impaled, he rose up out of the water, bringing her head with him and before she ran out of air, he released her and she gasped loudly.

Grabbing her waist, he lifted her up, her legs wrapping around behind his back and then slid his cock into her pussy for the first time. Despite her arousal, the water had dried her out and his entry was painful. It was also the first time she’d ever been entered by a real cock. Only objects and her hands had been there before. She squirmed in his arms, but he only growled, “Be still naughty fairy, you know you need this, you need this pain.”

Heather wanted to disagree, but the thought faded with every thrust. It was still uncomfortable, but the pain had eased and instead, a feeling of being full suffused her very pores. After repeated deep probing, she felt the end of his weapon touch her womb and she cried out when he withdrew and then rammed back inside. Over and over again with steady motions he pummeled her insides while spanking her wet bottom with one large hand in time to his inward thrusts until he tensed and erupted, spewing his sperm deep. Heather was still poised on the brink, he had come too soon and she nearly cried with frustration. “Not yet,” he mocked her and holding himself inside her pussy, he moved to the edge and laid her down on the towels. Before she could react, he pulled out and then swooped in the latch his mouth on her engorged lips. His tongue foraged inside and withdrew coated with his sperm. Again and again he licked and drank down their mingled essence until she was empty, then, he started on her clitoris. This time when she was nearly there, all Bark said was, “Come,” and Heather did until she could come no more.

End part 2

Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie: Episode #7

Pity poor Stephanie 25-years old and still spanked daily. She was intelligent, a college graduate with honors, articulate, a fasionista with a good job and an all around delightful person with never a cross word and always a genuine smile for everyone. It was to her misfortune that she also exuded an innocent sensual charm leading men and women both to have one uppermost thought in their minds: spanking Stephanie’s spectacular and epic rounded bottom. It was not her fault, genetics had blessed her with both the ideal rear end plus a delightful bewildered submissiveness. It simply never occurred to her to challenge her discipline, if someone needed to spank her well obviously she was guilty of some offense and thus deserved to be spanked.

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“You look a little dazed,” Mr. Johnson said when they returned to the settee.

“Mrs. Garcia’s husband spanks her!”

“Are you upset?” he asked guiding her back onto all fours and adjusting her panties.

“No, not upset, just confused,” Stephanie said. “Ouch! Ouch!” as the next spoon smacked her bottom. “I didn’t realize… ouch… that marriage… ow… could include spanking… double ow.” She scrambled back to her feet and scurried off to return the spoon. Once back in place she continued as Mr. Johnson wielded the next test. “I just assumed… smack… I wouldn’t need… smack… to be… smack… spanked by…smack…my husband… smack!” She stood up and rubbed her cheeks. “That spoon is evil Mr. Johnson! Is it made of concrete?”

“It is a five-star spoon,” Mr. Johnson noted with satisfaction. “You’re going to take this one home young lady. Twenty with this and you’ll have learned a valuable lesson in decorum.”

“Yes sir,” and off she went, her fulsome buttocks getting darker with every implement.

“I assure you Stephanie,” he stated as she prepared for the fourth implement test, “all wives should be regularly spanked and when you meet the man who will take you in hand, I will make plain to him what his duties are in regards to your discipline requirements.”

Snick, snick, snick, snick, snick.

“Well, that spatula is totally useless Mr. Johnson,” Stephanie pouted.

“I completely agree. It must be vanilla. I’ll inform management to remove the product.”

Stephanie’s tummy grumbled as she crawled back onto the settee. “Oops! Sorry.”

“I’m hungry too. Let’s move the last six smartly along.”

Stephanie chirped, sighed, yelped and hissed as Mr. Johnson did move her smartly along through the next five spatulas and stirrers with a ruler thrown in for good measure. She continued to pop up and trot across the room to deposit each utensil in the return bins before returning and dropping down to present. There were by now many admiring and envious glances at her wobbling red and mottled bottom as she scampered past. Only the cutting board was left when she returned from the latest run.

“I see we’re just in time,” said Mrs. Garcia.

Mr. Garcia chimed in, “You absolutely need to purchase this five-star cutting board Stephanie. It has the perfect weight and balance with an easy grip handle.”

“What do you say Stephanie?” asked Mr. Johnson handing her the cutting board and giving her the option to skip the test. “Should we even bother testing?”

She thoughtfully hefted the wooden plank and tapped it lightly on her palm. She glanced around noticing her performances of ups and downs had attracted a loitering crowd of spectators pretending to be studying the merchandise racks. She smiled slyly and offered the cutting board handle first back to Mr. Johnson. “I think we need to rigorously test this sir. We wouldn’t want it to break would we?”

Mr. Johnson locked eyes with her and slowly smiled. “No Stephanie we certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.”

“In fact,” she said now grinning delightedly, “I do believe that five won’t be a complete test. I think, since she’s here, Mrs. Garcia’s opinion should be solicited with five more.”

“Hard ones Stephanie?” Mr. Johnson cocked his head.

“Very hard ones sir. As hard as you can.”

Impulsively Stephanie stepped forward and hugged Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Garcia in turn. “Thank you for disciplining me.” In a slightly over loud voice she then said, “I’ll get back down on all fours and then thrust my naughty bottom nice and high so you can spank me very hard with this large and heavy wooden cutting board.”

The rest of the room slowly quieted as nearly everyone abandoned all pretense gathering around the settee eagerly awaiting the sight of the beautiful dark pink bottom dancing under her chastisers’ stern punishment.

Mr. Johnson stood at Stephanie’s side and placed his left hand in the small of her back. He lifted his right arm up and said, “You will count young lady,” then swung hard.

The intense crack was followed by, “One sir!”

Crack! “Two sir!”

More than a few spectators winced in sympathy as the third and fourth blows rebounded off the rapidly darkening cheeks. Mr. Johnson waited until Stephanie stopped waggling her tail and as she was presenting for the fifth spank he swung lower and caught her rising bottom flush across the crests.

“FIVE SIR!” she yelped loudly, rotating and thrusting her bottom so high no one watching could miss the protruding anal plug behind the wadded underwear.

There was a light smattering of applause, for who it was not clear, but when Mr. Johnson passed the paddle to Mrs. Garcia there was an incipient hum among the watchers. She tucked the paddle under one arm and grabbed hold of Stephanie’s panties just above the plug. “These are slipping, you push down as I pull them higher.” She yanked them up a good two inches as Stephanie moaned when the gusset pinched tight around her soaked labia and clit while the plug moved deeper. “Now Stephanie you have five more. You will ask for each one. Begin when you are ready.”

“Please paddle my naughty bottom very hard ma’am.”

Mrs. Garcia’s style was more looping with a longer back swing thus generating nearly the same velocity as Mr. Johnson.

Another loud crack, another loud hiss and groan from Stephanie.

“Please paddle my naughty bottom very hard ma’am,” was repeated three more times with each impact raising the volume of Stephanie’s response.

“With your permission darling, I’d like to offer you a taste of married life and have a real spanker deliver the last one. I caution you, my husband Antonio will make the nine you’ve received thus far seem like patty cakes in comparison.”

The crowd held its breath. Some of them had witnessed Antonio spanking his wife with no warm up only minutes ago with the selfsame cutting board and knew that assertion to be true. To everyone’s surprise, except those who spanked her regularly, Stephanie spoke in a teary but strong proud voice, “Please paddle my naughty bottom extremely hard Mr. Garcia.”

The truly titanic CRACK and her howling yodel was still echoing ten minutes later when they were at the front checkout. As Mr. Johnson inserted his credit card the cashier was awestruck by Stephanie’s poise and style. “Code S indeed!” she congratulated her. “You’re an amazing girl!”

Mrs. Garcia thoroughly oiled Stephanie in the privacy of the bathroom and then the four of them were off to lunch at the Tofu Attack Grill.


To be continued next Wicked Wednesday in Episode #8

Authors note: Starting with Episode #5 and going forward, Stephanie has decided as the character being spanked that she will write each episode herself based on what she would like to have happen.

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The naughty fairy captured by a swamp troll: part 1/3

This story contains spanking and graphic unrealistic sexual descriptions between creatures. I am the original author posted elsewhere 3/8/08. Do not read if you are offended by a funny sex and spanking story.

Heather didn’t mean to be naughty, but being spawned under the full moon on a leap year had caused her to grow slower than the other fairies. Here it was, her fifth birthday [even though she was really twenty years old] and still everyone treated her like a mugwump. Not fair! All the other girls were finding their mates, lots and lots of mates morning noon and night and yet Heather had nobody. Fine, she’d show them all. Two weeks before the leap day, when all the other fairies were sleeping off the effects of the latest orgy, Heather flew slowly and carefully away from the enchanted meadow and into the Screaming Swamp. She’d been warned that the swamp was dangerous and that naughty fairies went in but they never came out.

Heather delighted in all the pretty flowers in the swamp and despite the large spooky trees and the many clinging vines she felt quite safe flitting from flower to bush. In fact, some of the large stamens were very, very nice to rub against. So much so, that her resentment at not having multiple mates of her own was slightly tempered. She probed deeper and deeper into the gloomy swamp until at last, she decided that it was time to rest. Finding an outcrop of rock, she alighted and walked over to the edge. Bending over to spy out the locale, Heather was shocked when she felt something seize her around the waist. She was even more shocked, when her fairy skirt was flicked up and a large hand commenced to spank her bottom quite hard. Oh no was Heather’s first and second thoughts as her now bare bottom was exposed to the elements… and to the harsh hand thoroughly warming her naughty backside. She struggled, not very convincingly, but the spanking continued forever. Well, not forever, but Heather was determined not to scream. Now she knew why it was called the Screaming Swamp, but was it too late for her?

A deep voice rumbled through Heather’s body. It did delicious things to her insides, made them all melty and slick. “Why have you entered my domain?” The commanding voice was punctuated by another hard swat to Heather’s red bottom.

“Sorry!” she squealed, “I was just passing through.”

“Liar!” roared the angry sounding voice and although Heather was still firmly bent over and exposed, there was not the anticipated swat. Instead, what felt like feathers were slowly moved up and down her quivering calves.

“No,” naughty Heather moaned, “no, please don’t do that! Spank me more, harder and harder until I’m screaming! Please, I’ll scream for you.”

A low growling chuckle shook the swamp caused ripples in the scummy water and felled snakes from the trees. “Oh, oh, oh. Yes little fairy, you will scream for me. I know what naughty girls like you need. Not spanking, no, not that. Naughty fairies get tickled!”

The canopy overhead swayed as Heather’s shrieks and pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. The mysterious creature effortless picked her up and after sitting down on a nearby stump, threw her over his lap. From her face-down position Heather finally determined that her chastiser was a ‘he’, the large – make that – very large, lump under her tummy was proof of his gender. She grabbed his hairy leg and tugged and beat on him with her fists in frustration. “Let me go!”

His response was to firmly pin her torso to his thick, meaty thighs and then to slowly commence the tickle torture.

The swamp troll, for that’s what Heather finally realized he was, ran his large and calloused hands all over her body. He pinched and poked and prodded and tickled her soft and succulent flesh. She pleaded for her release, but he left no part of her body unexplored. Heather wriggled frantically when she felt her sore bottom cheeks be pulled apart and the warm breath of the troll was followed by a wet finger probing her rear opening.

“No!” she shouted, “Enough of this you beast! I demand you let me go!”

There was a no response, just a gentle in and out movement of first one finger and then two. Heather swiveled her hips as best she could but he clamped her tighter to his lap and with his free hand, gripped the back of her neck tightly. Helpless, she could only squeal in outrage as very unfairylike oaths spewed from her dainty lips.

After one last stretching, he withdrew his thick and stubby fingers from her bottom and then with quick and decisive blows, resumed spanking her tender cheeks.

“I am not a beast.”

“Yes you are! You are a large, hairy, smelly beast and I hate you!”

Heather writhed over his lap, her lower half bouncing under her chastiser’s hand, her head firmly grasped in the other. Despite the rough handling, what she really scared her was the feelings stirring in her blood. Fairies had a secret that they revealed to no one and if the troll continued much longer with his treatment of her, Heather feared the worst.

“Do you know what day this is?” he grumbled.

“No I don’t sir.” Heather was relieved that he’d stopped spanking her again, although his hand was now caressing her very red and very tender bottom.

“It’s Saint Valentines Day.”

“I thought that was only for cupids?” Heather was very surprised that a swamp troll would have any concept of love.

“I don’t have a valentine of my own.”

Heather was rapidly reassessing her predicament. Maybe there was a way out of her torment after all. “Sir? If you let me go, I’ll help you.”

“Naughty fairy, if I let you go, you’ll fly away.”

“No Mr.Troll, I promise I won’t try to escape. On my word as Heather Passiontail, I will be your valentine.”

There was utter silence and she could feel the tension in his body and the trembling in his hands. He grasped her waist and lifted her up and off his lap. Setting her down, he then gently spun her around to face him. “You’ll be my valentine?”

Heather could only nod as she saw the troll for the first time.

“You’ll do anything I say?”

Her response was a shy smile and she reached out to touch his leg.

“My name is Bark Gnawer.”

“That’s an interesting name sir, how did you earn such strong moniker?”

“What’s a moniker? Are you saying I have something on my face?”

“No sir! A moniker is a name, and your name Mr. Bark Gnawer, it’s a very handsome name.”

“I like your name too Heather Passiontail. Your tail is very red, I like that.”

Heather reached around and rubbed that red bottom. The initial sting had started to fade, but oh was she sore. She would do anything, anything at all to avoid another spanking. Deciding to take the initiative, Heather gently eased Bark onto the stump and sat her aching cheeks on his lap. She took his face in her hands and kissed him firmly on the mouth.

“So what do you want your valentine to do first?”

“This is nice Heather, but I want you to suck my cock. I’ve never had that done to me before.”


“Do I look like the kinda guy that the ladies would flock to? Does this look like a hangout for luscious females? I live in a fucking swamp Heather! What do you think?”

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry. Please don’t beat me again, I’ll give you the best blowjob I can.”

“You better, or else that spanking you got will seem like patty cakes.”

Heather squeaked with distress and quickly jumped off his lap and fell to her knees. She was surprised when she realized that Bark wasn’t naked, but had on a tunic and a loincloth. It blended in with his wrinkled skin, but she had no problem sliding her slender fingers under the waistband and drawing the loincloth down and off his legs. Her knees were uncomfortable so she wadded up the cloth and then knelt once more. When she looked back up, she let a loud gasp.

“You’re huge! How am I supposed to suck that?”

Bark the swamp troll leaned forward and grabbed her long hair pulling her face to face with the rapidly expanding erection. He was actually over twelve inches, not that he’d actually measured or anything, and the knob was the size of a large plum. He was so keyed up from trollhandling the naughty fairy that he feared he would spurt at any moment. No time for subtleties, he poked clumsily at her mouth until his cock slid between her lips.

“Rumph, guggle, slobber, choke.”

Heather flailed her arms and tried to slow him down, but Bark sawed his throbbing slab in and out, going further and deeper at every desperate thrust. His hand twisted her hair and forced her head back creating a better angle to thrust even deeper. In response to the pain, Heather was shocked to feel her fairy pussy fairly gush fluid and when he pulled back out, she was able to take a deep breath.

“Wait please!”


“Stand up sir, let me lay down on the stump.”

Heather arranged her body so that her head fell backwards off the edge. Upside down, she could see that the large club jutting out from his torso was now lined up perfectly with her mouth. She stretched out her arms and grabbing both of his thighs, she drew him closer. Taking several lung filling breaths, she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and with one steady push, let Bark shove his entire twelve inch meat straight down her squeezing throat. It was too much for him and with a roar that echoed through the swamp, Heather felt scalding fluid gush into her throat and down into her eager tummy.

After he was drained, he made to move back, but Heather stopped him.

“Sir, you’re still hard and as your valentine, I insist you use me some more. I want you to fuck my mouth this time. Ram it in as deep and as hard as you want until you come again. Please sir, throat fuck your naughty fairy and punish her for teasing you.”

Bark did indeed punish his naughty fairy valentine and for thirty minutes used Heather’s throat. She in the meantime had buried her right hand in her pussy, fisting herself in time to Bark’s thrusts. She already had come three times when she felt his cock bulge once more and eject a vast quantity into her mouth this time. The salty, gummy texture filled her watering mouth and as she swallowed, the depraved action triggered yet another massive orgasm that caused her to blackout.

End of part 1.

A spanking sestina poem

I am the original author posted elsewhere 3/3/08. My first love is poetry. Combined with spanking it turns to lust.

A sestina is a poem of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy, originally without rhyme, in which each stanza repeats the end words of the lines of the first stanza, but in different fixed order, the envoy using the six words again, three in the middle of the lines and three at the end.

“Bottoms Up”

walking her wool slacks molded her bottom
setting my wineglass back on the table
stood up to greet her kissed soft cheek
sparkling smile that reaches her eyes
whispers in ear today I was naughty
breath in her hair scent of perfume.

do I smell an expensive perfume
if it is I’ll be spanking that bottom
I didn’t mean to oh why am I naughty
perhaps a lesson bent over this table
in public she cried with fear in her eyes
how else can I punish such cheek.

please sir not here tears on her cheek
all this for a little bottle of perfume
you know the rules no wool in my eyes
over my knee proper place for your bottom
nervously twists ring her hands on the table
I’m taking you home my lover who’s naughty.

remove your clothes my sweet naughty
slowly turn round show me your cheek
stretch yourself out over that table
seen from behind can smell her perfume
my firm hand starts smacking pale bottom
look in the mirror and open your eyes.

reflected in light her misty blue eyes
trembling mouth with a pout looks naughty
hairbrush strokes cracking on pink bottom
timing each blow on her flexing cheek
odor of roses her feminine perfume
an essence that flows onto the table.

writhing her hips grind into table
panting and weeping with unfocused eyes
higher she spirals pulses lusty perfume
she thrusts back begging more I’m naughty
please harder faster all over my cheek
long thorough strapping makes a red bottom.

sprawled on the table you’ve learned not to be naughty.
with pleading eyes looks back rubbing hot sore cheek.
was it worth the perfume to have a well roasted bottom.

P.S. I’d like to take full credit for the feminine silhouette of the poem, but truth is it only happened by accident when I centered the poem on the page. I couldn’t have planned it if I tried.


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